For years we have wanted to establish a program where we were able to give back to the very same community that has supported us for these 11 YEARS, so we are ECSTATIC to announce PLATINUM GIVES BACK!

A portion of each and every paid service/install will go towards giving a custom HVAC system for a family in need! Help us help our community, our neighbors, our friends and our families! Together we CAN make a difference.



- DEC 2020 -

This is their story...

"... Our plan was to slowly work on making this house a home with small projects. Our first big project was the summer of 2018, just a couple of months from when we bought our humble abode. We cut down a giant Chinese elm, and painted the house blue with a cute yellow door. After that we mostly tried to get the house repainted indoors, as we were not ready to do any serious remodeling...
The end of summer beginning of fall this year (2020) we were in for a very rude awakening. The original pipes of the house collapsed and we were limited on using our water. Many plumbers came to our house to help diagnose the problem, but the issue progressed, and it was decided that in order to get it fixed we would have to rip out our entire bathroom...
Our cute little home has been a big source of stress and anxiety as we continue our journey on making it something beautiful. I like to call it our Russian nesting house, because the further we get into it the more we find. Our house is definitely not your average house, through our demolition we discovered that the original exterior walls are ammo crates from WWII. Our insulation was mostly news paper, saw dust, and random strips of fabric...."

WHAT A NIGHTMARE! Sydney's aunt referred her to us to give her an estimate on a new furnace. Brittain went out, assessed the situation aannnnnddddd this is where PLATINUM GIVES BACK comes in.

"Platinum Air came in for us at a very low point in our process. Trying to figure out a way to just heat this house had caused us a lot of tears, and immense feelings of hopelessness. I know that they were not aware of how badly we were struggling, but they found a way to open their beautiful hearts and provide us with heat. We are so incredibly overwhelmed by their kindness. I was finally able to get some sleep knowing that we were going to be ok, and it gave me hope that we could have a warm house to live in. To say we are grateful would be an understatement!"

We designed a custom HVAC system for their home including all new duct work, vents, gas line, and an Energy Efficient Furnace and Air Conditioner!

Living Room - Before & After

Kitchen - Before & After

WWII Ammo Crates making up the exterior walls.


Platinum Gives Back is a family affair! Our kids joined us.


After we installed the furnace, we had one more surprise for them!!

We are honored to help our community and to give Sydney & Caden heating and cooling! 

Please email/text/call us if you know of a family that could benefit from PLATINUM GIVES BACK!




MAY 2021: This family called needing an AC repair, but as you can see the dogs did a number on it!! Jaden and Brittain took the time to talk to them and listen to their needs. Realizing just some of the struggles this family was going through (in their mid 20s, a one year old baby with one on the way, and the husband was diagnosed with brain cancer and recently had surgery, so both understandably have been without work) We knew we HAD to help! We replaced the entire AC unit and redid the furnace inside, so it will run effectively and properly for many, many, many more years to come!!


Please email/text/call us if you know of a family that could benefit from PLATINUM GIVES BACK!

Stay Tuned for MORE Updates!!

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